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Welcome to fourth life!

I call it fourth life because my life has had a series of phases, all of them leading to this moment!

fourth life has me working as a screenwriter, standup comedian and musician. amongst the pages of this site you can check out those various aspects of me.

seeing as this is the main page i'll explain a little about fourth life.

when i look back at my past, my story, i can break it up into four chapters. chapter one, first life, is my upbringing until the age of seventeen when i moved out of my family's home and joined a rock band. second life is beginning of my life with music. third life is the beginning of my screenwriting career. i moved out of california for washington where i achieved two college degrees and honed my screenwriting craft with a generous mentor. fourth life is now. i left washington and returned to california. i moved to los angeles to pursue a career in screenwriting and the beginning of my journey into standup comedy.

Richard Older

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