Where it all began!


Music was my first love artistically. It all really began with Guns N' Roses in 1991. Before then I listened to music, watched television and movies but it had not occurred to me that people do those things as a profession, not until I watched the music video for "You Could Be Mine" which was released. Our house got MTV late, so I didn't see a lot of videos until around that time. I caught the music bug! A friend of mine said he was starting a band. We all picked instruments, mine was the drums. It was pretty random how we chose instruments but drums suited me. It suited me better than I could have possibly imagined.

My first artistic love!

​My Reemergence and Wayward Strangers

My father and Jim Allum started a band called Wayward Strangers. They started as a cover band, just playing music for the love of music. One Christmas I was visiting from Los Angeles and they needed a drummer to jam with because they were having a falling out with their original drummer. We had instant chemistry. A few weeks later they asked me to join the band as the drummer and I could fly up for important shows. Years later now, we've played from the Hard Rock in Seattle all way to The Whisky-A-Go-Go in West Hollywood, CA. We also released our first album of original work, Midnight Rider, in May of 2016. It'll be fun to watch what comes in the future.

When it got real!


 In 1994, the same friend who got me playing asked me to move up north where he was to join his band, Fatal Eclipse and I did. Fatal Eclipse produced one EP but until failed. Myself and two other members, Jeff Milcheck and Owen Lawson, created a new band, Suicide Solution. Suicide Solution released an album, Alone and played around the state of California. The band eventually moved to Southern California where bands go but unfortunately it dissolved a year after moving down there. Jeff and I created a new band Soulburn but after the great mutiny (a much longer story), I quit music. That was in 2001. 


Richard Older

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